National Aviation Ground Support

National Aviation Ground Support (NAGS) is a Limited Liability Company registered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, focused on widening the scope of aviation services that it offers with the objectives of providing support services to air operators. NAGS provides aircraft line maintenance, aviation training, airport management, spare parts for aircraft and Ground Support Equipment or GSE. NAGS is approved to provide Line Maintenance Services by the Saudi General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).


Aurion IMOS – Establishment & Management of Line Maintenance Facility

Aurion Aviation Advisors worked with NAGS to develop the business & financial model for the establishment and management of the Line Maintenance Facility in Saudi Arabia. Aurion Aviation Advisors leveraged Aurion IMOS® to undertake the entire activity of structuring the operations, acquiring GACA & EASA accreditation for the Line Maintenance Services and marketing the services offered by NAGS.

Aurion Aviation Advisors also provided training to the certifying staff along with non-certifying staff through the Aurion Learning Web Based Training portal to ensure that all staff possesses updated qualification. Aurion Aviation Advisors also marketed the services and acquired business for and on behalf of NAGS for the duration of the contract.