National Aviation Services

National Aviation Services (NAS), Kuwait
– National Aviation Services is the first private ground handling company in the Kuwait International Airport. It is an internationally reputed aviation services provider and from its initial operations in Kuwait, it has increased its global footprint to include Jordan and the Indian subcontinent where it currently operates at multiple airports.


Aurion IMOS (2009) – NAS Stabilization, Growth & Expansion Strategy & Implementation

Aurion Aviation Advisors undertook the Stabilization, Growth & Expansion Strategy & Implementation project for and on behalf of NAS by leveraging its marquee long-term management tool – Interim Management & Operations Stabilization (IMOS). Aurion Aviation Advisors built the strategy with the aim of ensuring stability of operations along with cumulative growth and implemented the same by forging strategic partnerships in the Indian subcontinent for and on behalf of NAS Kuwait. Aurion Aviation Advisors provided interim management support to the fledgling organization in India and ensured operational constancy prior to handing over the operations to the management team.

Aurion Turnkey (2009) – NAS ISAGO Accreditation

Aurion Aviation Advisors commenced the IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO) accreditation process through Aurion Turnkey – a product that is designed to aid organizations achieve strategic objectives without disturbing the flow of everyday operations. Aurion Aviation Advisors impressed upon NAS Kuwait the need to undertake the audit and thereby ensure that all of its operational processes & procedures mirror industrial best practice. Aurion Aviation Advisors provided end-to-end support to NAS Kuwait in order to mould its operations and comply with the stringent requirements of ISAGO accreditation. Upon conclusion of the ISAGO audit, NAS Kuwait had achieved the highest global standard of safety that is prevalent within the ground service environment.