Saudi Ground Services

Saudi Ground Services (SGS) was established in 2011 in line with the Strategic Intent espoused by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to open up the aviation sector in the future. SGS is an amalgamation of the three ground service providers that were operative within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, namely Saudi Arabian Airline Ground Services (SAAGS), National Handling Services (NHS) and Attar Ground Handling (Attar Travel Co).


Aurion IMOS – Merger & Integration

Aurion Aviation Advisors were chosen by the SGS Board of Directors from amongst a pool of highly reputed advisory firms to effect the merger and integrate the three ground handling companies into one entity. Aurion Aviation Advisors structured a phased integration process that was aimed at ensuring seamless integration without disturbing the everyday operations of the three entities that could not be put on hold.

As part of the phased approach, the first phase was aimed at preparing the three organizations for the merger along with laying down the foundation for the new entity to be functional in terms of organizational structure, organizational policies, structuring new Service Level Agreements with clients & service providers, integration of personnel, homogenization of salaries/ other emoluments, integration of airport operations processes & procedures and integration of support function processes & procedures.

The second phase involved implementation of the processes & procedures along with the commencement of operations as a singular entity and Aurion Aviation Advisors provided onsite support to the management team at the headquarter level, as well as at the airport level to ensure that there was no disturbance in the functioning of the entire organization.

Aurion Aviation Advisors not only achieved the entire merger & integration ahead of schedule, but also without any operational disturbances or personnel issues. The seamless integration of the three companies has firmly established SGS on a path of growth and consolidation wherein SGS has been engineered to leverage the strengths of all the three entities to merge into a culture of excellence.

Aurion Turnkey (2011) – Planning & Management of Hajj 1432

With the establishment of SGS in 2011, the most important project that the new entity had to undertake was the planning & management of Hajj – the annual pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca. The project involves the induction & extraction of approximately 3 million passengers through the two gateways of King Abdulaziz International Airport, Jeddah & Prince Mohammed International Airport, Medina. The pilgrimage is of great importance not only from the perspective of revenue for SGS, but also for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which prides itself on being able to provide the highest level of service to the pilgrims.

Aurion Aviation Advisors was entrusted with the entire process of planning & management of the project for and on behalf of SGS, for which Aurion Aviation Advisors once again leveraged Aurion Turnkey. Aurion Aviation Advisors devised a plan that aimed at negating significant bottlenecks in the airport infrastructure and operations processes.

Upon commencement of the operations, Aurion Aviation Advisors monitored the operations 24/7 and set about employing scientific tools for analysis to analyze the operations on an hourly basis to understand where the loopholes were and how they could be plugged. With the help of the analytics, Aurion Aviation Advisors was able to gain absolute control of the situation by the second day of operations and reduced the significant operational delays (which were previously considered to be a part and parcel of regular Hajj operations) by 93%.

Aurion IMOS – SGS Training Center (2012)

Aurion Aviation Advisors was entrusted with the task of establishing and managing the Saudi Ground Services Training Centers in Jeddah & Riyadh through a bidding process that witnessed the titans of aviation training take part in.

Aurion Aviation Advisors leveraged the proven strengths of Aurion IMOS and commenced the task by conducting a comprehensive system-wide Training Need Analysis that compared and revealed training requirements that had to be met in order to achieve organizational goals, such as 100% compliance with GACA training requirements and the achievement of ISAGO accreditation.

Based on the Training Need Analysis, Aurion Aviation Advisors structured a training plan that was designed to achieve the organizational goals within the shortest possible timeframe and utilizing minimal resources. Aurion Aviation Advisors designed and deployed innovative tools, such as the Web Based Training Modules, to bridge the training gap and train a large workforce that was drawn from three separate organizations prior to the merger.

Aurion Aviation Advisors also achieved IATA accreditation for and on behalf of the training school in the form of IATA Regional Training Partner & IATA Authorized Training Center in order to boost the credentials of the training center. Aurion Aviation Advisors also provided the much needed instructional resources with international accreditation to the training center and has trained over 12,000 Saudi Ground Services personnel in various facets of ground handling operations, along with management training for middle and senior management personnel.