Aurion is a 3600 Solution Provider Specializes in Creating and Managing

Business incubators

Technology Driven Corporate Transformation

Strategic Partnerships and

Joint Ventures.

Aurion Group is a NICHE Knowledge Process Company with BIG IDEAS.  We not only provide the Big Ideas and critical knowledge required by our clients, but also handhold our clients through the arduous process of implementing this knowledge.

We believe in delivering value by executing and accomplishing the goals and strategic objectives of our clients, by leveraging our global experience and extensive network of strategic Networks.  It is as IMPLEMENTATION SPECIALISTS that we aim to distinguish ourselves from any other run of the mill advisory service provider by delivering “Strong & Sustainable Competitive Advantage.”  This is what we consider to be our very reason for existence as a company and the way we judge our business, our company and ourselves.

Founded in 2008, we are an integrated global organization delivering Strategic Knowledge & Operational Excellence.  With our centre of operations based in the Kingdom of Bahrain, the MENA (Middle East & North Africa), and Asia are our markets of focus. Since inception, our company has crafted an expansive track record of delivering innovative advisory, training and advisory and education services to over 12 Industries.